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At CRE, we realize that our customers have different needs, therefore we offer several engine packages to suit your needs - simply select the engine level you want and your satisfaction is assured. Additional options are offered upon your request. All Blueprint levels include the following machine work.

Briggs Flathead Blueprinting:

Cut deck and square block 90 degrees, (or angle)

Align bore cylinder 90 degrees, (or slant or offset) with crank

Drill DU bushing for additional oil

Hone cylinder, fit piston and rings

Plateau hone cylinder for better ring seal

Clearance & micro polish crank for proper bearing fit

Clearance hone stock rod & drill for additional oiling

Fit and chamfer bearings on aftermarket billet rod

Angle mill / cut head to specs for max flow and valve lift

Machine all legal gasket surfaces

Degree cam

Cut seats & Lap valves

Valve spring reliefs cut

Tig weld reinforce lifter bore area

Lifter radii reliefs cut

Proper valve springs set and installed

Port & Polish IN & EX ports for max. flow and performance

Bore carb throat to legal WKA specs.

Bore airhorn to legal WKA specs.

Precision ream carb fuel metering holes

Precision-reamed jet in carb

Precision ream carb. short stem for max fuel flow and set height

Machine throttle arm per specs using custom offsets

Adjust throttle arm stop for maximum flow on flowbench

Precision set advanced timing

Minimum 1 hour SuperFlow flowbench testing included

Final tech & assembly

Proper break-in & set-up instructions

Plus a few CRE tricks not mentioned

prices subject to change without notice


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