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Hoosier Kart Tires are now in stock!
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CREAFKIT: Air filter kit featuring our CRE exclusive design ultra-lightweight cnc machined billet aluminum air filter adapter:
3 1/2 X 4 pleated air filter, and foam pre-filter $21.50
4 1/2 X 4 pleated air filter, and foam pre-filter $23.50

: WKA, IKF & KART legal CRE blueprinted carb for stock classes - Excellent flowing! $150
Select Super carbs $200-$300. (the best of the best!)
Stock Appearing Carbs $175
Bad to the Bone Cyclone Stock Appearings $350

: Carburetor brace - This carb support helps take the weight off your special carb! $12.50

Tank brace goes under the fuel tank do reduce vibration that causes tanks to leak. Great idea, and it help save carbs too!

CREBPRP: Carlson Racing Engines blueprinted restrictor plates available in all WKA sizes. Blueprinted to within a few thousandths of legal limit and guaranteed legal! Specify purple (.425) turqouise (.500), or gold (.575) for Briggs flatheads. $18 ea. Animal plates coming soon.

: Carlson Racing Engines exclusive precision reamed jet kit is now available in a handy "6-pack" of all your favorite jets in one handy storage case that keeps your precious jets from the elements. $21.50 complete with 6 jets #48, 50, 52, 54, 56, & 58. (or choose your own selection!)
Jets sold individually $3.50 ea.
Jet carrying case also sold individually for $2.50 ea.
Animal jets and jet kits

CRETK: Our Briggs flathead throttle kit has everything you need to hook up your throttle cable to your race engine. $12.50 complete.

CREATK: Our animal throttle kit features an over the top linkage system that allows you to switch engines from animal to flathead and back in minutes. $25

: You've heard about these for years now, and they're still talked about after the races in the tech barn! CRE Hot Coils are proven performance and WKA Legal!(very limited supply)
(click here for more tech info.)
$79.95 Now available!

CREAPF: Our cnc machined aluminum pulse fittings are perfect for driving your animal fuel pump.

CREACS: Our choke spring holds the choke on your animal, clone, or other aftermarket carb closed while under the stresses of racing.

: Ever wondered how the safety wire on your header or kart chassis was twisted so perfectly? Now you can use the same tool your engine builder or chassis manufacture uses, and make perfect safety wire every time! $28

YWIRE: .032 rustpoof stainless steel safety wire. Perfect for all your safety wiring needs. Use it on the chassis and engine! Comes in a convenient 100' rool and dispensor!

We've got a Horstman clutch for you!

We stock a full line of clutch friction discs from a variety from a manufacturers.

HMGL: Horstman Greased Lightning clutch brings you performance and value in their entry level clutch. This disc clutch delivers performance at a great savings to racers on a budget!

HMR: The Horstman Reaper clutch is the ultimate in performance for even the most demanding professional kart racers. Comes blueprinted and ready to bolt-on and run!

CREGH: This cnc machined gear hub is the truest running hub we've seen! Uses two pinch bolts to secure the hub to the rear axle, and is ultra-lightweight! (complete with hardware) $32.50

CRESHB: This cnc machined gear hub uses one pinch bolt on an angle to clamp down to the axle and key securely and is ultralight! (no hardware) $32.50

: The sprocket guards you've all been looking for are here! This 9 inch diameter guard set is cnc machined for the ultimate in lightweight. $20.00

: We now offer the XFactor Gear guards, the lightest aluminum sprocket guards available. $25

RS52-80 Rocket Sprockets:
When only the best gears will do...Demand Rocket Sprockets (available in 35 pitch 52-80 teeth, stocking all dish skip tooth series.)

NARP Blower Housings are the nicest way to dress up your Briggs flathead engine. And they're only $28.50 ea!

NARP Blower Housings are available in Hunter Orange, gloss Black, racing Red, Blue metallic, Purple metallic, lemon Yellow, and candy Red(burgundy). Now available for Animal engines too!

This handy brake rotor guard (often called a "Wolf plate") is just what you need for protecting the drivers seat from rubbing the brake rotor. Reverse caliper mounted and mini-lite sizes also available. $12.50

We stock a complete line of precision free running oil filled bearings for all your chassis needs. Call for price.

: Adjustable (one size fits all) Helmet tethers hook to your helmet D-ring and are a great safety device, as well as helping neck fatigue during those especially long and rough races. Limited Supply! $7.50

CRENBBLU: This neck brace is a mandatory safety item at all WKA and other non-sanctioned karting events! Great new tapered style for extra comfort, and horseshoe "no-slip" design. Available in Blue, Red, or Black. $21.50

The Coleman Mini Starter is GREAT for all your 4 cycle demands including those tough to start high compression opens and ANIMALS! $249

The new 2013 WKA Tech Manual has all the information you need to know about kart racing from a rules perspective. Tons of pictures and colorful ads. Over 230 pages! Know the rules BEFORE you get to the tech barn! $35

CREDialIndWht: Precision dial indicator in 1" travel by .001 increments. Great for degreeing in cams, checking piston pop-up, valve lift, crank endplay, clutch setting, and more! $19.95

CREDegKit: Get started with the basics...Every engine builder, racer, and hobbyist should own this kit! Handy 8" degree wheel with WKA & IKF legal cam profiles highlighted, and a professional black (or white)face 1 inch travel dial indicator that reads accurate to within .001! Don't guess! Build it right! $35

Douglas Wheels Technology 1 piece aluminum wheels are the standard of the karting industry. They offer lightweight and strength with a high degree of precision. (6" diam. all widths in stock!)

Why spend more money on "machined" wheels when DWT polished wheels run true and look the best!
DWT polished wheels (all sizes) $32.50 ea.

Douglas DWT Q+ (Machined) wheels are for racers wanting the ultimate in precision lightweight aluminum race wheels. (6" diam. all widths in stock!) Polished or Machined, you decide which is best for you...We stock them all! DWT Q+ machined wheels (all sizes) $37.50 ea.

We now stock the all new Outlaw Wheels (made in USA! Quality at an affordable price.) Outlaw machined black anodized wheels $37.50 ea.

All new "5 by 5" 10" wide wheel with a 5" offset allows you to "flip" your cut and balanced tires and wheels on the kart without undo-ing all your prep work. $39.50

Wheel hub adapter for spacing your 5 by 5 wheels on your existing hubs. (comes complete with speed studs) $

Speed Studs (perfect for quick pit work when using a cordless impact) $ ea.

Maxxis HT3 ("thins" = low rubber.) Reduced tread depth and the same casing construction and compound as the championship-winning HG3 tire – with less weight and need for cutting.

Maxxis HT3 (wide.) Extra width contact patch and extra tread depth allows tire specialists so custom profile the "pinks" to become more like the Firestone tire that is dominant on extremely high bite track surfaces.
Both tires feature the same tread compound as HG3, (approx. 58d) designed for hard, fast tracks. Polyester casing construction creates a consistent footprint for increased cornering speed.
Item # TYPE Size Sidewall Course Application Rim width (Range) PSI 86105 HT3 = Hard (60) 11 x 5.50 -6 Stiff Very Dry Hard Track 6.5 8

Hoosier Tires are HERE! Very nice construction! For more technical info on Hoosier Tires in stock, please click on this photo.

Hoosier Kart Tires IN STOCK and ready for immediate delivery! All sizes and compounds available! From $49 ea.

Typical Set pricing $235/set

We stock the complete line of Burris dirt slicks in 6" diameter and all compounds. With the growing number of Burris spec tire tracks, we keep on top of Burris tire cutting and prep technology. We also offer great pricing on all Bridgestone / Firestone, Maxxis, and Hoosier!

Vector~Cuts At CRE, we offer custom cutting, finishing, needling, mounting, balancing, sizing, and prepping of all your karting tires and wheels. Each is professionally mounted and sized to your needs.
$10 ea. for mounting & sizing, $5 ea. for balancing.

$25 ea. for mount/size/cut/finish/balance.
$10 ea. for refinishing. Needling = no charge if we are cutting or finishing.

$10 ea. for internal prep and minimum 24 hour roll time.
$10 ea. for cutting and finishing customer tires on their wheels.

: This professional tire bead breaker is needed by all kart racers! It features a round post to center the wheel and not damage the hub mounting surface like some other inferior built tools. Adjustable to work on all 5 and 6 inch diameter 1 piece and 2 piece wheels. $35

Beadmaster Tire mounting tool is the quickest AND safest way to mount your tires! A fantastic professional grade tool that every karter need! $69

The Amazing new Roll-O-Prep is just right for your perfect tire prep recipe! Fill it up and roll it on! Less mess and safer for the user! Comes complete with roller, And it's only $19.95

Tire Prep applicators: For external prepping, we offer a natural horse hair brush $3 and for internal prepping, our custom tire injector $5 that injects prep through the valve ste. Both can be used with our handy prep holder (even has a magnet to hold your prep brush) at the track $5

Need tire prep? Look no further. CRE has you AND your tires covered! From our popular "Pink Panther" that we've "brewed" for over 20 years now, and the all new Pink Panther THICK formula with heavy oils to replenish and rejuvinate, to the ultimate midwest tire preps "Mean Green Tire Clean", "Green Dragon Grip", "Monster Bite", "Gold Flash", "Black Gold", and "Black Max." We stock Acrysol and Speedy 500 as well. We also stock Liquid Speed Line of preps, including LS1, LS2, LS3, & LS4 and ProBlend products including HotLap II, Victory Lap, and Tire Cleaners. (shippable)

We don't stock every tire treatment on the market...just the ones that work.

Tire Roller: Made with all the features you'd expect from a professional w\quality tire roller: Knurled roller, industrial rotisserie motor, adjustable full width prep tray, easy grab handles, adjustable feet for levelling, built in drain. Can hold 4 right side tires! $240

Double roller: Made similar to the single roller but mainly used for internal prepping or light "wiping" of the tires externally. Can hold 8 right side tires! $340

CREFKWB: Precision Wheel Balancer for use with 5/8" bearing front wheel hub (not included) $39.95

CRETST: Tire stagger tape, specifically designed for kart tires with retractable, flexible narrow band tape. Features easy to read numbers and a handy magnet on the back side for handy storage!

Need a precision tire gauge made for racing? look no further. We have the quality and the price! 0-20 gauge with easy to read dial $35

CREASTN: Tire Needler: This handheld tool is perfect for needling/perforating your tires to better accept outside prep, and to open the tire up, (especially on low bite track surfaces.) Also helps maintain consistent tire temperatures through long runs. $125

Our Vector Tire Cutting Bits are now available for use in your tire lathe. We offer two bits, the popular Cataldi style square bit, and our new and improved diamond bit. Each feature 4 ultra-sharp cutting points and will quickly cut rubber from even the softest tires without freezing. Catladi style bits: $25 ea. Diamond bits $25 ea. Qantity breaks are available for tire shops. Please call.

Intercomp Tire Durometer: Don't guess how soft your tires are. Use one of the most popular and most accurate durometers on the market. $55

Intercomp Tire Depth Gauge: Know exactly the depth of the rubber on your cut tires. $

We stock and use Tanner (by Mitler Brothers) Digital Scales featuring billet aluminum pads and easy to use touch pad screen with automatic percentage calculations for left side, front, rear, and cross. $1050 Also available in new WIRELESS! ($call)

Our trusted torque loop header has been custom made to perfectly match our CRE built and tuned engines. The best quality and the best performance! $75

Now stocking
Brute Power Pipes!
Proof is in the performance!

Our CRE exclusive headers will send you for a loop!

Also stocking Gold Band Power Pipes by J. White

CREHB: Protect your engine and your valuable exhaust system with this all new CNC machined header support bracket. $10

CRERLV4104: Tame that open pipe with RLV mufflers, available in 3 options. PN 4102 for 1" od pipes, 4104 for 1 5/16" od pipes, and 4106 for 1 5/16" od pipe modified classes.

CRECC: Style and Functionality. Whether you are looking for a really "trick" breather, or simply a "functional" one, we have the one for you! G-man plastic catch can $18.50, Jaz molded breather $49.95, Billet aluminum breather (shown) $29.95

CREJAZCC: If you're looking for a catch can with function AND style - this is it! This Jaz catch can fits neatly behind the seat, or on a seat strut with the mounting bracket included. $ 59.95

CREHC: Don't be caught without one! You've all heard about these "happy caps." This simple little device allows you to run more fuel in your Briggs flathead fuel tank and is WKA/IKF/AKRA legal.

: Briggs fuel tank repair kit is a must for all road course racers, or when you absolutely have to run a flat motor mount and more fuel in the tank.

CRECGY: Take safety seriously with our extra wide chain guard powder coated bright CRE yellow! Great for use with offset karts and laydown seats! Also available in black and red. $21.00 ea.

CRE aluminum chainguard are tough and come in popular red, yellow, & black durable powdercoated finished. $21.00 ea.

CREFKCBT: This is the last chain break tool you will ever need to purchase. Made of superior strength steel with hardened drive pins. Available for #35 chain

CREGR: Our custom gear racks are available in 12 (shown) and 24 slot sizes and are perfect for mounting on the wall of your trailer or shop. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. 12 slot: $20 24 slot: $35

CREEKSPC: We stock the best chain on the market, EK Silver Pro chain, available for #35 pitch and convenient 106 link length.

When it comes to lubes and oils, we've got that covered too...Pictured is just a sample of the oils we stock: Cool Power Oil, Thor Oil, Red-E Oil, Lucas Oil, Brad Penn Oil, & Joe Gibbs Oil.

We stock the finest ARC & PMI wheel hubs.
Front hub w./ bearing $21.50 Step spindle hubs also available.

Rear hub $18.00
Economy hubs also available!
Vector Black anodized hubs also available - please call.

CRETiCarbBolts: Take some weight off! You spend hundreds of dollars on that precious special carb, why mount it with heavy old farm bolts? Now you can use our milspec aircraft quality TITANIUM hardware to secure your carb to tank. They feature 5/16 hex head and handy phillips slot. Titanium will never corrode, gall, be affected by alcohol, resist vibration, thermal stresses, and are The ultimate in weight savings! $2.99 for a set of three!

CRETi316Hdwe: You know the strength and lightweight charactersistics of Titanium, now you can outfit your entire kart in high quality, lightweight TITANIUM hardware. These handy 3/16" 10-32 screws are approx 7/16" long and are perfect for mounting floorpans, bodywork, gauges, almost anything you can think of! Any quantity $1 ea!

Mychron 4 Basic models starting at: $345
Mychron 4, T-2 and Pro Golds in stock for immediate delivery!

We've got your kart covered too! Pictured is the G-man Aero-body #8 for increased left front downforce at corner entry.
Now available! -- Rapid BodyWork! Very nice, very durable, and very trick! Full body sets $165

Our custom fairing mounting bracket made of steel securely mounts your fairing off of the upper steering block. $15 ea.

Mount your Mychron gauge securely using one of our custom mounting brackets. Steering column mounts your Mychron or Digatron single post gauge off of a 5/8" steering shaft. The mount on the right mounts your gauge off the center of your steering wheel.

We stock a variety of different steering shaft mounting blocks. From the basic aluminum 1 hole design, to precision needle bearing supports. We also stock two different toe locks. One for use with existing steering shaft mounting blocks, and the other comes complete, ready to use.

We also carry the popular Fast Karts Toe lock. Simple installation can be added to most any chassis! $14.95

CRESUR: Our seat upholstery kits are designed for all the current laydown style seats and offer added driver comfort. It comes complete with velcro attatchments for easy removal and cleaning. Availabe in black, blue, and red (pictured) $35 ea.

We stock only the best & lightest steering wheels available for karting. Available in 12 & 14 inch diameters, in full round, or cut-out top with flat bottom. Available in red, black, plain aluminum. $55

From G-Man, comes the Black Rhino line of products, including this popular open top steering wheel with flat bottom and larger hand grips. $65

We stock a variety of colors of powdercoated "open top" steering wheels. $55

CREMCPBK: We stock a complete MCP brake kit (pictured) that's perfect for upgrading an existing kart, mini-bike, or bar stool racer. Economy minded and quality manufactured.

We stock 3 different rotors, the mini-light 6" rotor, the ultralight 7 1/4" rotor, and the standard weight 7 1/4" rotor. We also stock MCP light weight rotors and hubs, billet master cylinders and "mini-lite" brake kits.

If your rules allow a billet rod, we've got you covered! We stock ARC rods in all stock lengths, and long rods for limited and open class engines - including jr. dragsters. $52.95 and up.

Looking for that extra tenth? Try a set of CRE Custom ground Hi-Flow valves. WKA & IKF Legal! $25 / set

CREIW: Our kit of 30 spark plug index washers offers a variety of 3 (10ea.) different thickness brass washers to allow you to index your spark plug perfectly every time.

Save that valuable engine from internal damage with our magnetic drainplug. We use an exclusive rare earth magnet to catch even the finest particles of metal in your oil! A GREAT idea! Fits flathead and animal engines: $2.75 ea. Also available for Honda GX200 (clone) and GX390: $5.75 ea.

1-man electric kart lift stand: Perfect for Moms and Dads of younger racers who have extra-heavy karts to lift. This unit is not only built strong enough to do daily maintenance on, but built to haul your kart to the track! $475 fully assembled. We can also ship these stands disassembled (slightly cheaper) truck freight - call for shipping quote!

CRE is taking Briggs flathead spring technology made "precise" to the next level. Our aftermarket "stock appearing" valve springs are made from a special allow to be the most durable, and consistent spring you can buy. We stock the RIGHT spring for your race engine. Don't guess...order the exact length you need! Guaranteed to pass WKA/IKF tech. $8.50 / pr.

Our roll-around kart stand features pneumatic tires with swivel casters on the front to get your kart safely to the grid and in style. Comes complete with work tray and folds up for easy storage and travel.

We not only stock Advanced sleeves, we use and install them! These are the very best sleeves available for Briggs engines and we stock 4 sizes for all your needs! $49 ea.

Vector Racing Chassis!

We also offer some of the best pricing on other popular brands such as Infinity/Ward Racing, Phantom Racing Chassis and Desperado Racing Chassis.
Call for pricing and options!

prices subject to change without notice





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