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Air filter Kits (includes lightweight billet alum filter adapter, 3 1/2 X 4 filter and foam prefilter.) ONLY $21.50 Reaper clutches - AWESOME! $245
ALL NEW Horstman X-5 Clutches $265

DYNO CAMS $50 ea. stock grinds ISC Racer Tape (colored duct tape - 14 colors!)$5 / roll
CRE Hot Coils (the best!) Still $79.95 Rocket Sprockets Qualifying Series $17.50
skip tooth design! All sizes in stock!)
CRE Blueprinted carbs (nice flowing good carbs!) $150
CRE Top Shelf Carbs (best of the best!) $250

Douglas Wheels
(6" any width $27.5)
NEW 2004 CRE blueprinted WKA/IKF engines includes Raptor 3 IC precision machined block, flow matched head, ports, and carb, stock OR ARC Billet rod, Dyno cam, billet lifters, welded lifter bores, aftermarket springs, aftermarket rings, air filter adapter, chain guard, and tuned staged flare end loop pipe or muffler! Regularly $1149Now $995 JAZ fuel jugs (5 gal - all popular colors!) $20

ULTRALIGHT Aluminum sprocket guards $25 pr.

Colored Cable Ties (all colors) $5 pkg of 100
Engine rebuilds!! It's time to get your engine in for a freshen-up!

All fresh-ups of CRE built engines $150 + parts

Fresh-ups of non-CRE engines only $175 + parts.

CRE racing T-shirts (Bright yellow featuring beautiful graphics including a kart on the front and product logos on the back) $7.50 ea.
CRE staged flare end tuned exhaust pipes $30
LOOP Headers-3 styles in stock $55
CRE Loop headers (the best!) $75
Helmet tethers (yellow only) for those rough tracks and long races $10
Mon - Thur 8 - 6 or by appt - we ship FedEx Daily!
Prices good until Feb 1st!
We accept cash, checks, VISA / MasterCard / American Express, & Bank debit cards!

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