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Carlson Racing Engines WKA & IKF Legal "HOT" Coils


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By searching and testing literally hundreds of coils,
Brian Carlson has found coils that are WKA & IKF Legal, but nearly
TWICE the ohms of the usual RAPTOR or RAPTOR II coils.


RAPTOR coils usually measure between 2400 to 2700 ohms at 72 degrees F.
CRE "Hot" Coils record 4400 to 4800 ohms at 72 degrees F.

YES, these coils are WKA & IKF legal.
They are on all of CRE's National Engines, and pass tech at National events.


NOTE: The resistance of a coil (the ohm measurement) IS effected by temperature.
The readings 44-4800 for CRE Hot Coils is at 72 degrees.

** If your engine is teched while it is still hot, (you just finished racing), your coil could
show a reading of greater than 5000 ohms, (5000 is max legal)
Keep this in mind if the tech man goes straight for the coil after a race.


Tech Notes:
The CRE Hot coil is proven to increase exhaust gas temperature,
which is the result of more complete combustion.
Due to the increased spark energy, you may want to jet a little larger (.002 greater).
Now that you will be able to fire the extra fuel,
you can gap the spark plug greater -(we recommend around .040 -.045) You now have a hotter spark, so give it more fuel.
We set the airgap at .012 - .016", (the same as we would for a stock coil)
With proper tuning, the CRE Hot coil will improve power and overall performance,
and most noticeably crisper throttle response.

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