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Indiana: Ben Hur Speedway
Crawfordsville, IN
1/3 mi. dirt
Bi-State Speedway
Perrysville, IN
1/ mi. dirt
Camden Speedway
Camden, IN
1/ mi. dirt
Columbus Kart Club
Columbus, IN
Lake Village Motor Speedway
Lake Village, IN
1/ mi. dirt
Lawrenceburg Speedway
Lawrenceburg, IN
1/ mi. dirt
North Vernon
Vernon, IN
1/ mi. dirt
Rockport Speedway
Rockport, IN
1/10 mi. dirt
Fast Track
Vincennes, IN
1/8 mi. pvmt.
Illinois Cerro Gordo
Cerro Gordo, IL
1/8 mi. dirt
Grundy County Speedway
Morris, IL
1/4 mi. pvmt.
Jules Raceway
Wilmington, IL
1/8 mi. dirt
K3 Karting
Kankakee, IL
Route 66 Speedway
Pontiac, IL
1/8 mi. dirt
Vermillion County Speedway
Danville, IL
1/4 mi. dirt
Kentucky Bourbon City Speedway
Bardstown, KY
Hillbilly Raceway
Olmstead, KY
1/ mi. dirt
J & M Motorsports
Columbia, KY
1/5 mi. dirt
Lightning Valley Motorsports Park
Junction City, KY
1/5 mi. dirt
Morans Motorsport Park
Maysville, KY
1/ mi. dirt
Michigan Palmyra Speedway
Adrian, MI
1/6 mi. pvmt.
Ohio Cridersville Speedway
Cridersville, OH
1/7 mi. dirt
I-70 / I-77 Speedway
Lore City, OH
1/7 mi. dirt
Great Lakes Speedsports
Bellevue, OH
1/ mi. dirt
Kartington Speedway
Cardington, OH
1/ mi. pvmt.
Martinville Speedway
Attica, OH
1/ mi. dirt
Midvale Speedway
Midvale, OH
1/4 mi. pvmt.
Ohio Valley Raceway Park
, OH
1/ mi.
Stateline Speedway
Edon, OH
1/mi. dirt
Toledo Speedway
Toledo, OH
1/ mi.





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