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TJ Barrett wins the 2010 Firecracker 500 at LVMS, LakeVillage, IN using Carlson Racing Engines power, and Vector Cut Tires & Preps.

Matt Urbine powers his way to 4 wins in a row and a 2010 track championship at Wall Stadium, NJ in JR2 with his CRE powerplant along for the ride.

Autumn Colgin drove her CRE power from 14th to 2nd in the feature and a heat race win on qualifying night of the 2009 Outlaw Dirt Kart Nationals @ English Creek Speedway in Knoxville, IA and trusts CRE to keep her up front every night with Carlson Racing Engines, Vector Chassis, and Vector Cut Tires!

Crist Pittenger trusts his Jr. 1 power to Carlson Racing Engines,
winning several features in the upper midwest, taking track championships at Jamestown, ND & Glyndon, MN.

Bismarck, North Dakota's, Crist Pittenger is making headlines with CRE power.

Central Indiana racer, Hannah Hostetter, ready to RACE!

Hannah's looking good with CRE power.

Taylor Holloway uses CRE power to win multiple features and an'07 track championship at Amarillo, TX!
Dave Redington is a winner with CRE power.

Greg Brown's ride is powered by CRE for the tough central Indiana dirt tracks.

Megan Erwin wins with CRE power again, this time at the Boone County Fair race, Lebanon, IN
Megan aboard her new Vector AO2 pushed by CRE power to another LVMS feature win and another track championship in Jr2.

Not to be outdone, brother, Kyle Erwin, counts on CRE horsepower to put him consistently in the winner's circle in Jr.1.
Kyle rides his Vector AO2 chassis and CRE power to another victory and track championships at LVMS and Ben Hur (Crawfordsville, IN)

Greg Rhoades flies in Minnesota aboard his Vector DO CRE powered open.

Greg looks right at home in the lead.

Customer support is a big priority at CRE: Here, Brian talks with a customer prior to the Jr restricted feature.

Brady Thomason on the grid prior to winning Jr. Restricted at Bi-State.

Ryan Freeland gets another feature victory with CRE power, here at Bi-State Speedway!

"Smokin" Joe Vessels is a multiple feature winner at
Benton County, IN. Joe says his CRE power is "medieval"!

Darrin Schick powers his
Carlson Racing Engine / Vector chassis to victory at
Ben Hur Speedway in Crawfordsville, IN.

2004 Burris Series State Champion, Charlie Clark, has proven to be "Jackass Fast" at Bi-State Speedway in Perrysville, IN and throughout Indiana riding his Vector DO powered by CRE, of course.

Ashley Varner, a west coast winner with CRE Power.

Kerwin La Fon's son wins in his first ever race! Of course he trusted CRE to provide the winning performance.

Chuck Kyburz, winning with a Carlson Racing Engine.

Ryan Wunderlich, a.k.a. CID, aboard a Carlson Racing Engine powered Vector DO chassis.

Nick Grommes relies on Carlson Racing Engines
to put him in The Winners Circle when racing karts. Nick has proven he can drive/ride anything with wheels!

Chuck Ruffing in Victory Lane with his VECTOR DO Chassis in Ohio.

No, THANK YOU!!, Brian Duensing,
for another track championship using
Carlson Racing Engines

Vector Victories at Waynesfield, Ohio!

Darius Plank with 12 Feature Wins....98 Class Champion
in 35 and over aboard a Vector chassis at Cridersville Raceway, Ohio


Ben Villafranco's sharp looking champ kart not only looks good, it's fast on the track, a winner at K3, Kankakee, Illinois in 2011.

Trophies look good with our engines!

Ross Dalerio dominates northern California Winged Outlaw Cage Karts winning at Ukiah, Speedway among others, using Carlson Racing Engines and clutches.

Kinser Colgin, winner of the 2009 AND 2010 Outlaw Dirt Kart Nationals, English Creek Speedway, Knoxville, IA. Kinseris a multi-feature winner throughout the midwest using Carlson Racing Engines, Vector Chassis, and Vector Cut tires!

Brian Carlson helps longtime friend and customer, Nick Grommes, prior to qualifying for the Hillbilly Hustle at LVMS.

Nick trusts CRE for his source of horsepower, and also relies on Vector Cuts and Preps for his tire program.

Brian discusses a gear change with Mr. Grommes.

Garrett Dollansky, son of World of Outlaws veteren Craig Dollansky, aboard his Vector AO2 with CRE power.

Brian prepares Minnesotan, Dollansky, for competition at Bi-State, Indiana.

Hoosier shod, Chris Simonson gets hisUAS 4 cycle Briggs open hooked up with Carlson Motorsports on the east coast!
Mark Graddert shows his muscle in the midwest pavement series, setting a new track record and track championship at Norway, IL

Long time customer, Andy Kayler, depends on his CRE power.

Lookin' good 'n' goin' fast is what it's all about...

New York Hot Shoe, Cutler, is a WKA champion as well as taking both pavement and dirt oval regional championships.

Canadian Racer, Justin Burk, who
competes in Gold Cup and Great Lakes Series, trusts his CRE power to get him to the front. Between National events, Justin was able to "squeeze" in a Championship at Flat Rock, MI!

Justin Burk on the pole and set to go at "The Rock" for a WKA National event.

Britton Bock is tearing up the competition with his CRE Junior Outlaw at Vallejo Speedway 2 in California.

Benton County, IN Track champion, Jim Stacy, is always a threat with his Carlson Racing Engine.

Nick Fisher hustles his CRE powered Vector chassis to victories around central Indiana, including Boone County, Crawfordsville, Benton County, Lake Village and Perrysville ovals.

Nick rolls up to the scales with his Vector DO at Benton County, IN

Nick scales out his all new Vector AO2 here in the shop.

Ronald Rollins is always up front in the tough southern Ohio and West Virginia dirt circuit.

Ronald takes takes the 2005 Wheelersburg, OH track championship with CRE horsepower aboard Hoosier tires.

Megan Wade makes a return to US 24 Speedway worthwhile.

Megan Wade Enjoying VICTORY at US24 Speedway with a Vector DO powered by a Carlson Racing Engines.

Matt Riley trusts Carlson Racing Engines to keep him ahead of the 4 cycle competition in the always tough
Ohio Valley Karting Assoc. Matt is also a CRE dealer for that area!

Nick Grommes not only wiped out the competition
on midwest pavement, but finished
very respectably in 1997 WKA National points
Congratulations Nick!!

Jackie Wade wins The Ladies Class at Bunker Hill, IN with CRE Power.

Bill Wade finds himself up front with
Vector Chassis & Carlson Racing Engine.

Matt Booher's an ultra competitive jr. drag racer and
Carlson Racing Engines customer.

Not does only does Jim Lewis have one of the nicest looking Vectors, it's also one of the fastest on Michigan dirt.

A Carlson Racing Engine winning on a Stabil Series Racing Lawnmower!
Darcy Taylor is a winnrer with CRE power in the tough Western PA champ kart class.

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