Carlson Motorsports Personal Services

Now you can have the expertice you need right at your track! Brian has adopted our trackside service to incorporate driver development, chassis tuning, and engine tuning all in one! From karts to sprint cars, Brian has the experience and knowledge to get you running faster. Brian is available to come to your track for a minimal cost to aid your team in getting the most out of your racing experience. From better understanding chassis set-ups to all the ins and outs of tires and preps, Brian walks you through the steps, not just doing the work for you, but taking the time to teach you and explain why specific changes are made. This could easily be the most valuable way to prepare your new driver, new chassis, or simply fine tune your existing program to speed up the learning curve that every race team has to go through. It is our desire that you are competitive and we're there to help YOU. Get ready to get to work, get dirty, learn a lot in a short amount of time, have fun, and win!

Typical rates are:
$300 daily + additional fees if requested
travel expenses: includes all airfare, reservation expenses for rental cars or other connections, or mileage on personal vehicle calculated at a minimum of $1.50/mi., all parking permits, cab fare, tolls, etc
+ motel expenses if applicable
(for attending any of our great local race tracks, there is no additional travel expense fees - simply the $300 flat rate.)
+ pit passes

If we need to bring tools, such as scales, scale stands, durometer, tire preps, etc to the track; there will be an additional fee negotiated.

215 N. High St,
Linden IN 47955

(765) 339-4407
Hours: Mon-Thur 8-6 (or by appt)

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