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Welcome to the SC Ministries contributions page. Our ministry is run out of God's provision. We do not actively seek donations or contributions for our ministry. However, if you feel led to give to our ministry, please feel confident that we will be good stewards and use your donation to further the kingdom. It is our belief that God doesn't need your tithe, He simply wants our devotion and if you give, to be a "cheerful giver." We also do not want you to "replace" your tithe to your local church. This ministry does not accept a tithe and is entirely seperate from that. Currently, we serve two local food pantries in the Lafayette, IN area, and I might suggest a donation to those ministries directly rather than to ours. The Faith Community Food & Clothing Pantry, 5572 Mercy Way, Lafayette IN 47905, phone: 765-449-4600; and the Harvest Chapel Food Pantry, 724 Wabash Ave, Lafayette, IN 47905, phone: 765-429-8452. Both are typically in need of non-perishable food items. If you are unable to send items directly to either of these ministries, you may send payment in lieu. For your convenience, we do accept donations through our "paypal" account as well. With the current cost of shipping, sometimes it makes more sense to send a few dollars for us to purchase food locally rather than pay to have the food shipped. We thank you for your interest in our ministry, and it is our thoughtful prayer that each person who is reached through this ministry can have a closer, personal relationship with Christ.



Faithfully serving,,
Brian, Sarah, AJ, & Seth Carlson