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Welcome to the SC Ministries suggested listening page. You might be asking, what is this? When I was new in my walk (circa 1980's) there wasn't much to choose from for Christian hard rock that appealed to a teenager brought up on Van Halen, Rush, Def Leppard, and the likes of 80's guitar heavy hair bands. Sure, we had Stryper, and Petra, but that was about it as far as "mainstream" Christian hard rock back in the day. My wife listened to Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith at the time, and while I can appreciate their musical talent, it just wasn't what appealed to me. HOWEVER, today, it's a whole new ballgame! Christian artists have somewhat made an impact on even the secular recording market and are gaining mainsteram popularity with leaps and bounds. With that gaining pipularity, comes more demand, and as a direct result, more diversity in muisical styles as you will find below. I'd just like to share with you a few Christian music artists whose music I appreciate and listen to regularly. You'll likely find it a bit on the "hard rock" side, as that's what I prefer, but there's some easy listening, contemporary worship stuff also. Sarah actually contributed a bit too, so you girls have something to suit you as well.

Our list is not complete by any means. With music, personal prefernce plays a vital role in the styles we choose to listen to and purchase. Look around our list, check out your local Christian book/music store shelves. Download some samples online, then support Christian artists. We thank you for your interest in our ministry, and it is our thoughtful prayer that each person who is reached through this ministry can have a closer, personal relationship with Christ.


Barlow Girl

Jeremy Camp

Day of Fire

Demon Hunter

Detour 180



Flatfoot 56

Hawk Nelson



Krystal Meyers





Project 86


Reliant K



The Showdown

Third Day

Twelve Stones

Jaquie Velazquez

Warrior Poet

Faithfully serving,,
Brian, Sarah, AJ, & Seth Carlson