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Welcome to the SC Ministries suggested reading page. You might be asking, what's this for? I already read my Bible. That's great, and honestly, if more folks would read the Word of God, there would be little need for outside resources. However, for a number of reasons, it is often times good practice to reinforce your time in the Word with well founded commentaries and the like. Although your local Christian bookstore has a multitude of resources, many don't fall within the scope of Christ's likeness and may even teach some false doctrine thus leading people away from the truth that Christ offers. You'll find some of these books listed focus more heavily on doctrine or apologetics, while others might offer encouragement through devotional type reading. Some of these books are pretty old, while some are current best sellers. Interestingly, the oldest and best seller are the same (The Bible)! I'm not much into fictional reading, so you won't find many, ie the Left Behind series and the such listed here. Sorry, it's just not my thing. My wife has had her influence on this list as well, as I tend to start a book, then start another, never to finish the first. She's a bit more diligent than I in her supplemental study and reading devotion. This list is in no particular order, and is not complete by any means; but I think it will give you a sound library to reinforce true Biblical counsel and doctrine. We thank you for your interest in our ministry, and it is our thoughtful prayer that each person who is reached through this ministry can have a closer, personal relationship with Christ.


The Holy Bible, 40 authors inspired by God

Dispensational Truth, Clarence Larkin

My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers

Christian Disciplines, Oswald Chambers

Faith in the Fast Lane, Ken Owen

Why Grace Changes Everything, Chuck Smith

Living Water, Chuck Smith

The Holy Spirit, Bob Coy

In 6 Days, John Ashton

The Genesis Flood, Henry Morris & John Whitcomb

Darwin on Trial, Phillip Johnson

The Late Great Ape Debate, Bayard Taylor

Learn the Bible in 24 hours, Chuck Missler

The Way of Agape, Nancy Missler

Brokenness, Surrender, Holiness, Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Lies Women Believe, Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die, John Piper

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, John Piper

God In You, David Jeremiah

Why the Nativity, David Jeremiah

Hopeful Parenting, David Jeremiah

What in the World is Going On, David Jeremiah

When the Enemy Strikes, Charles Stanley

Our Unmet Needs, Charles Stanley

The Pursuit of God, A. W. Tozer

Knowledge of the Holy, A. W. Tozer

Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis

What's So Great About Christianity, Dinesh D'Souza

The Case for Faith, Lee Stroebel

The Case for Christ, Lee Stroebel

In His Steps, Charles Sheldon

Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster

More Than a Carpenter, Josh McDowell

Born Again, Charles Colson

Loving God, Charles Colson

Revelation Unveiled, Tim LaHaye

The Audacity of Deceit, Brad O'Leary

Dare to Discipline, James Dobson

The Strong Willed Child, James Dobson

Who Stole My Church, Gordon MacDonald

Loving Christ, Joseph Stowell

Heaven, Randy Alcorn


Commentaries (text and audio) by:

Charles Spurgeon

Chuck Smith

Chuck Missler

Jon Courson

Greg Laurie

J. Vernon McGee

Bob Coy

Tracts & Devotionals:

Life Changing Moments With God, David Jeremiah

RBC Ministries offers some great tracts and devotionals for sharing with friends. I'd honestly recommend anything that they offer.


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