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Vector AO3 and Vector DO chassis fresh back from powder coat. Vector Chassis specializes in custom work; not your everyday cookie cutter chassis.

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In 1994, CRE debuted their own kart racing chassis designed specifically for dirt oval track racing. The chassis went through nearly two years of extensive R&D prototype work until Brian was convinced that they had "the best chassis going." With Brian's background in engineering and math - a logical name for the new chassis was "Vector". In 1998, the Vector AO( asphalt oval) model was introduced to accommodate demands of racers in the southeast portion of our country, where high grip red clay or tracks that take rubber require a lower center-of-gravity and roll center, so as not to overheat right side tires. The Vector AO also uses a redesigned steering geometry utilizing special built spindles which promote a lower scrub radius. The original Vector "DO" with adjustable caster and wedge is still hard to beat on the midwest (organic) dirt tracks with little to no bite. It has also become a favorite of very light weight classes and small restrictor plate classes such as kid karts and other entry level classes with slow to moderate speeds. The UAS and "run-whatcha-brung" crowd have adopted the trusty old Vector DO as well, testing it's flexibility to hook up ultra-high horsepower. Surprisingly, it is also very competitive on ice arena racing circuits and ice lake racing where it has seen countless successes over the years.
Both models have been a huge success with feature wins nearly nationwide. In 2005, Vector introduced the all new AO2 model, which incorporated the best of current design technology along with Brian's own input to create an innovative new design for use specifically on high grip racing surfaces and the latest technology in cut and prepped tires.

(Click on the thumbnail for a full-sized image of the Vector AO3)

Again, in 2010, the AO model was redesigned (AO3) to better accommodate the racer's needs for a stiffer chassis to coincide with current tire technology, and the growing popularity of tire preps and chemicals that are locking the tires down. The AO3 is the first Vector chassis to utilize cad/cam design software and cnc computerized bending for the ultimate in chassis repeatability. We feel the AO3 is the culmination of over 20 years of chassis design and incorporates many of Brian's forward thinking engineering.

Vector karts and components are both MIG & TIG welded by certified welders utilizing
the finest Lincoln Electric Welding Equipment.
Vector Manufacturing also offers chromemoly tubing available in most popular sizes.

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