About Carlson Racing Engines:


Carlson Racing Engines was established as a full time kart shop in 1989, providing its customers with everything from wheels to race-winning 4-cycle engines. Every Carlson Racing Engine has always been promoted as having all the same effort and parts as what Brian Carlson himself would race on his kart. Brian raced karts for twenty years, traveling through ten states, winning WKA National Events, over 100 feature wins, 53 in 1989 alone, before moving on to an "Outlaw" Sprint Car. Brian's 30+ years in the karting industry will give you the experience and expertice needed to get you to the winner's circle.

Carlson Racing Engines stocks every part that you need to race 4-cycle flat head or Animal. The components stocked are what Brian Carlson considers only the best products for CRE customers. Brian says, "Briggs & Stratton, DOUGLAS Wheels, Horstman, Cool Power, Rocket Sprockets, Hoosier & Burris Tires,..... are the brands we rely on, and are just a few of the top brands we sell."

Our records speak for themselves...Local wins, track championships, national wins, big money wins.
The bottom line is that CRE CUSTOMERS win. We do not have any sponsored "house" drivers that get "better" stuff than the guys who pay the bills. You will never have to race against your engine builder / chassis builder /parts supplier, and wonder if you're getting his "best" work. Every engine we send out the door is the absolute best that can be made of it.

We invite you to stop by the shop at your convenience and see the entire engine building area as well as our showroom of karting accessories and welding and fab. shop for Vector chassis.

For twenty years, Carlson Racing Engines has maintained their reputation as blueprinting quality racing engines - "from mild to wild" --WKA, AKRA or IKF Stock Class flat head and Animal overhead valve Engines to "Run-what-you-brung" Opens and Jr. Dragsters. With the vertical mill equipped with three-axis digital read-out, EZ-Bore boring machine, Van Dorn valve grinder, the SUNNEN hone, the toolroom lathe, and two SuperFlow flowbenches, (one with digital computerized data aquisition and laptop with memory), and 3 THREE dynos, featuring a "state of the art" dyno cell with a Davenport Dynamometer with full data acquisition, and two additional dynos... Only the best equipment is utilized, and its use is only to build quality racing engines (and karts). Tires are precision cut on our custom tire lathe. The kart chassis are TIG-welded by certified welders with Lincoln Electric's finest welding equipment. -and- Brian's years of experience assure that quality is engineered into everything at Carlson Racing Engines & Vector Chassis.


215 N. High St, Rt 1 Box 153,
Linden IN 47955

(765) 339-4407
Hours: Mon-Thur 8-6 (or by appt)


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