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* Flathead Level I

Basic Econo Engine (used as a Claimer at some tracks)
Starting with the all new Raptor IV kit engine, it has all the machine work done, and done right (to the rules of your track or club). Using a stock rod or ARC billet rod, Dyno ground cam or twisted lobe cam - for $995 (Econo blueprint package)
This includes: tuned straight staged pipe or spec pipe, CRE billet aluminum air filter adapter, and chain guard.
Parts may be substituted when no longer available. Other accessories are offered separately.

** Flathead Level II

The LEVEL II engine is a completely blueprinted, dual bearing, Raptor IV WKA/IKF stocker wtih ARC billet rod, Dyno ground cam, & tuned pipe for your specific needs.
Includes billet air filter adapter and chain guard for $1449 ( IC - cast iron sleeve bore) .
A great competitive race engine, a popular package for racers wanting to update their equipment with the addition of a "top of the line" shelf engine.)
Our most popular seller.

**k Flathead Level IIk

This is the Level II engine in kit form. Comes complete with machining done, helpful cam carb and assembly instructions;
Call for quote. (designed for the home builder in mind.)

**+ Flathead Level II+

PRO-SERIES This is our Professional Series, National Level Motor ("When you need that extra tenth")
Starts with a new dual bearing IC Raptor IV kit engine. Additional Flowbench Testing for Ultimate Flow Matching of Ports, Head, and Carb; Hand picked CRE designed Dyno Ground Cam, Billet connecting rod, Heat-Treated Crankshaft, Low tension rings, Plateau Hone, High-Flow valves, Fel-Pro Gaskets, CRE Hot Coil, Silicone bronze valve guides, Reworked seats, Lightweight reciprocating assembly, All the tricks!
* This engine must be rebuilt a minumum every 5 races; Must use electric start $1699
"Not for the weak of heart or wallet."

*** Flathead Level III

...JUST ADD KART! A "bolt-on" is the LEVEL II engine plus all the accessories needed to bolt on the kart. It retails for $1,649. This is our blueprinted engine with all the extras you need. (Save over buying separately.)
The bolt-on accessories of the LEVEL III engine are as follows:
CRE custom billet alum filter adapter, fabric filter, foam pre filter, throttle kit, 2 piece motor mount, chain guard, Blueprinted Horstman Reaper clutch, and CRE exhaust pipe tuned to the engine.


Superflow tested air filter, includes quality clamp
Superflow tested filter adapter -billet alum champhered 1/4"
CRE tuned header, with hardware
restrictor plate if necessary
chainguard - aluminum
throttle linkage - CRE over-the-top
clutch - Horstman GL
engine mount - CRE custom 2-piece angled or flat alum
Any part may be substituted for when not readily in stock
$1849 - dual bearing $1899 Compare anywhere


**** Flatheafd Stock Appearing

...From $1449 --+.060 Bore IC Block, incl. Big Bore Carb, Relieved Head, Clearanced Crank, Portwork& Flow, ARC Long Rod, Wiseco Piston, Lightweight Pin, High lift Cam, Double Springs.
Billet flywheel, billet cylinder head, billet sidecover, Adjustable ignition timing fixture, Big valves & seats, Heat treated crank or billet stroker, Thick sleeve installed, Custom welding & clearancing.
IC Block or Sleeved Cool Bore
CRE Direct Flow Carb
Heat-treated Crank or Billet Stroker
Mechart 4.60 Rod and Arias Piston Combo
Big Valves/Seats

***** Flathead SuperStock:

Including: ARC billet Rod, Raptor IV Piston, BP'd 368 Tillotson, Billet Alum. Intake Manifold,
Air Filter Adapter & Tuned Pipe $1649

****** Flathead Lt'd Mod:

Our Limited Modified is the same as our S.S. w/long rod, hi-comp piston, ext. lifters, 2x vlv springs, billet cam - Extra machinework necessary for L'td
Including: ARC Rod, billet aluminum flywheel, WISECO Piston, Top of the line BP'd 368 TIL, Aux. Fuel Pump and lines $1949

******* Flathead Open & Jr Drag:

call with your class - we've got a motor spec'd out for you!

* 12:90 Raptor: (includes dual bearing Raptor 4 steel sleeve welded block, ARC Billet cylinder head, ARC biller sidecover, ARC billet flywheel, ARC Billet rod, Heat treated crankshaft, Wiseco high compression piston, Dyno heat treated ground cam, billet lifters, hot coil, aftermarket high performance gaskets) $1449.
Mikuni 28mm carb upgrade (complete) add. $200

** 10:90 Raptor: (includes dual bearing Raptor 4 steel sleeve block, ARC Billet cylinder head, ARC biller sidecover, ARC Billet rod, Heat treated crankshaft, Wiseco high compression piston, Dyno billet adjustable camshaft, double valve springs and retainers, Mikuni 28mm carb., hot coil, aftermarket high performance gaskets) $1850.

*** 8.90 BZ3: Typical "3X3" Blockzilla III block with billet cnc'd head, sidecover, etc and Mikuni carb set-up is in the $4800 neighborhood.

**** 7:90 & heads-up: Rhino or * block: "your imagination is your only limit"

* Pro Series Animal:

Starts with the popular Briggs Intek Animal series 5 overhead valve engine, and Includes: Forged WKA stock Rod or billet ARC rod, PVL ignition and flywheel, Dyno ground cam, aftermarket springs and retainers, Machined head with "legal" appearing portwork, fully BP'd Walbro on alcohol, fuel pump and all plumbing, throttle kit, Stock Intake Manifold matched to port, Air Filter, Prefilter, & Tuned Pipe - (electric start only.) $1449

We take Animals very seriously.

** Econo Animal:

This is our standard "shelf" engine. (Same as the Pro Series Animal but without all the trick head and carb work. Includes WKA stock forged rod, PVL Ignition and flywheel, Dyno ground cam, machined head and alcohol set-up for alcohol, fuel pump and all plumbing, Stock Intake Manifold matched to port, and throttle kit. No pipe or air filter) $1049

*** LO206 Animal:

This is the all new LO206 "Local Option" spec. engine, or crate motor, for entry level karting. Includes stock forged rod, PVL Ignition, rev limiting coil and flywheel, ground cam, fuel pump and all plumbing, stock intake manifold matched to port. No pipe, throttle kit, or air filter) $549

**** Other OHV engines:

* Stock class clones:

Yes, we also do "clones." We, however, REFUSE to build/cheat-up stock and claimer clones. We will only work on clone engines using a billet connecting rod and billet flywheel for obvious safety and liability issues. Stock class GX200 "clone" engines are built to AKRA/WKA/IKF "builder prepared" legal rules including Dyno ground cam, stock appearing springs, special retainers, blueprinted carb (alky or gas), with the addition of ARC billet rod and ARC billet flywheel $950

** Stock class 1/4 midget Hondas:

We build genuine Honda GX120 & GX160 engines for QMA (1/4 midget) racing and other applications. Please call for price quote.

*** Open UAS/runwhatchabrung class Briggs 15 series or Honda GX390 OHV:

Open stroker animals starting at $2500, open GX390 starting at $2500 (also available with cnc'd big valve billet head, additional)
Call for your horsepower needs and application.

prices subject to change without notice
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