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**Blueprinted Raptor Components**

BP'd head: angle cut to meet specs $40
BP'd carb: all the trick work and then some $150
"Special" carbs 1 in 10 best flowing on our SuperFlow test adapter $300
BP throttle shaft: machined to spec. for better flow $12.50 (hi-offset shafts $18.50)
BP stock rod: hand-picked for length and clearanced $21.50
"High-Flow" Valves: Reground to spec. for better flow $25

**Blueprinted Animal Components**

BP'd Head (complete): cut to meet specs $200
BP'd Head (complete): cut, seats cut, valves ground, guides moved, WKA legal "disguised" portwork $300
BP'd carb: $200
BP'd carb with matched intake: $250

**Additional Products**

*Billet ARC connecting rods 3.87, 3.875, 3.880 length $52.50
Dyno Cams: Stock 1-$55, 3 at a time $47 ea. any grind
Billet Ltd. & Open 1-$135, 3-$120 ea. mixes okay
*CRE loop pipe: $75
CRE tuned headers: Gold Band Power Pipe Loop $55, Trumpet $37.50, Standard end staged $21.50
*CRE Legal hand-picked "Hot" Coils $79.95
*CRE Trick springs for stock classes $8.50 pair
*CRE High-Flow Valves $21.50 pair
* Lightweight Reciprocating Assembly available
*FEL-PRO Performance Gaskets 25% off everyday
*Precision reamed jets -numbered and individually packgd .048 - .060 half sizes avail. (i.e. .0525) $3.50ea
CRE 6-pack reamed jet kit even numbers .048-.058 in case $21.95
CRE Aluminum Dippers - 6061 T-6 The original & still the Best $15 ea
Heat Shield - Keeps exhaust heat away from carb and tank $4
*Magnetic oil drain plugs w./ rare earth magnet $2.75
Spark Plug Boots $2.75
All genuine Briggs & Stratton replacement parts @25% off
*=comes standard with CRE Level II+ (National Engine)

**Shop Labor**

BP Stock Engine $325 (includes carb.)
BP SuperStock $375
BP Limited $450
BP Stock Appearing $475
BP Modified, Open, & Jr. Drag - If you have to ask, then you can't afford it.
BP Stock Animal Engine $325 (includes carb.)
Tig Welding of both lifter bores (done right!) $30
Valve Porting (WKA & IKF) using SuperFlow Flowbench Testing $60 / 1st hour; $40 ea. addtl.
BP & Flow Carb $75
SuperFlow Flowbench Testing of Customer FlatHead Carb and set Butterfly $15
SuperFlow Flowbench Testing of Customer Animal (or other) Carb $20
Dyno Test $60 / 1st hour; $40 ea. addt'l. (includes fuel/oil)
All non-CRE built engines & non-Briggs engines (ie Blue clone engines) are charged an additional $50 deposit for drywall repair!
Leakdown Testing $20
Measure Customer Spring (for any desired seat or nose pressure) $3
Freshen-Ups & Post-Tech Rebuilds $175 + parts (Discounted: If CRE built engine: $150 + parts)

**Additional Shop Labor**
(flathead & Animal)

Deck Block $50
Align Bore, Hone & Fit Piston $50
Clearance & Micro Polish Crank for Bearing $5
Drill Main Bearing Oil Hole $5
Install DU Bushing & Drill add’l oil hole $35
Degree Cam $35
Cut Valve Seats & Lap Valves $25pr.
Lap Valves $15 pr.
Install Replacement Valve Seats $15 ea. EZ Bore Seats Installed $30 ea.
Cut Valve Spring Reliefs $15pr.
Install CV Valve Guides & Cut Seats Concentric to Guides $16.50 ea.
Install Cylinder Sleeve, alignbore, & finish hone $150
Tear-down, Inspection and full WKA Tech $35* *(Refunded if re-assembled by CRE)
Hone Cylinder & Fit Piston $25
Plateau Hone Cylinder (includes rough hone to size as well) $35
Endgap & Fit Rings to Cylinder $15
BP flathead Cylinder Head $25
BP Animal Cylinder Head $100 ($200 including replacing seats and port disguise work)
Set Ignition Timing with Head off. $15
Machine Lifter Clearance $15
Cut Lifter Relief for Big Cam $15
Install Lg. Valve Seats & Guides $125
Tig Weld Lifter Bores $30
Install Lifter Guide $30
** NEW ('08 legal) Cut Carb AirHorn $15

All of the above is labor only. Please only send the part that needs work (ie. carb, block). You will be charged for cleaning and disassembling the motor if it is not sent ready for machinework.

Clutch Work

We Work on Most any Brand Clutch and Can Machine Them to Better than New!
BP Horstman, Bully, or Jammer clutch $85 + parts
Rebuild H'man, Bully, or Jammer clutch $35 + parts
other brands may be additional

Vector Cuts Tire Service

Mount & Size Tire $10
Balance Wheel & Tire $5
Mount, Size, & Balance Tire $15
Mount, Size, Cut, & Balance Tire $25
Dismount Customer Wheel & Tire $current shop rate per hour


prices subject to change without notice


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